Apolinario Mabini

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Mabini, Apolinario


Born July 22, 1864; died May 13, 1903. A leader of the Philippine national liberation movement.

Mabini was a founder and leader of the secret patriotic organization Philippine League (Liga Filipina; 1892-93). From 1898 on he was prominent in the leadership of the revolutionary struggle and in organizing the government of the Philippine Republic. Mabini was the ideologist of the petite bourgeoisie and the leader of the revolutionary-democratic populist wing in the republican camp. On Jan. 2, 1899, he became prime minister and minister of foreign affairs. Mabini advocated the continuation of the struggle against the American aggressors in the Philippine War of 1899-1901, but the bourgeoisie and landowners preferred a compromise with the USA and forced him to resign on May 7, 1899. Captured by the American troops in December 1899, Mabini was released in September 1900 but was exiled to Guam in January 1901 for the publication of patriotic articles. In February 1903, shortly before his death, Mabini agreed to recognize the rule of the USA in the Philippines and was returned to his homeland.

While in exile, Mabini wrote a history of the Philippine revolution, in which he defended his political stand and condemned the capitulationists.


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