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An alternative investment manager with assets under management of about USD173bn as of 31 March 2016, Apollo has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Bethesda, Toronto, London, Frankfurt, Madrid, Luxembourg, Mumbai, Delhi, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai.
The Apollo Liver Clinic will also clear the myths on liver transplant surgery, organ donation and other queries on liver diseases.
A support crewman on Apollo 8 and 13, Brand also was backup commander for Skylabs 3 and 4.
April 16, 1972, Apollo 16: Astronaut John Young set up the moon's first telescope.
The ballet provides a light yet romantic look at various facets of love using far less formal movement than does Apollo.
From the word "go," the one-man Mercury program--two suborbital and four orbital flights between May 1961 and May 1963--through the flight phase of Apollo between December 1968 and December 1972, NASA became more and more glitz-oriented as television grew to be the dominant portrayer of the agency's message.
The three major US networks, as well as Cable News Network, broadcast back-to-back live interviews with the Apollo 11 astronauts - all within a 20-minute time frame on the morning of the anniversary.
Pentikis, who joined Apollo in 1999, now heads the firm's West Coast equity and debt investment business.
On one hand, the Apollo system is well understood, and the documentation should be helpful as a starting point,'' the report authors wrote.
Our sustained investment in the development of new technology ensures that Apollo will continue to deliver best-of-breed services to our current and future clients.
Fund V, which was oversubscribed, will invest in a variety of real estate assets across sectors, including commercial, residential, hospitality and mixed-use, said Lee Neibart, Apollo senior partner.
The 1995 film about the ill-fated 13th Apollo moon mission is the first 35mm live-action film to be transformed into an IMAX presentation, in which films are shown on screens that are eight stories high and 120 feet wide.