Apollon Aleksandrovich Skalkovskii

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Skal’kovskii, Apollon Aleksandrovich


Born Jan. 1 (13), 1808, in Zhitomir; died Dec. 28, 1898 (Jan. 9, 1899), in Odessa. Russian and Ukrainian historian. Corresponding member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1856).

Skal’kovskii graduated from Moscow University in 1827. In 1828 he became head of the Statistical Committee in Odessa. He helped found the Odessa Society of History and Antiquities. Skal’kovskii’s works have retained their value as sources on the history of the Southern Ukraine and the Zaporozh’e Sech’ (self-governing Ukrainian cossack organization), since they draw on documents that were later partially lost. Skal’kovskii evaluated the cossacks and the haidamak movement from a reactionary standpoint.


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