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This force was stronger in men and arms than that commanded by Apollonius, and it struck fear into the army of Judas, who worried that their small band couldn't survive, much less defeat, such a force.
Even before the annunciation of Proteus, the first, and in many respects most important, of the paradigms for Apollonius is Pythagoras, the 'ancestor of [his] wisdom'.
seer and wonder-worker Apollonius of Tyana is compared (as he often has been) to Jesus.
As Apollonius of Tyana said in the first century, "Man cannot be healthy in the lower part if his upper part is sick.
Four of the chapters on Valerius deal partly or exclusively with the influence of Apollonius upon Valerius' Argonautica (Krasne, Simone Finkmann, Marco Van der Schuur and Seal).
Whichever man brings me Apollonius alive, I will give him fifty pounds in gold'
In the Tale of Apollonius, Gower shows how Apollonius's right relationships to women lead to his return to his kingly self, and as the result of a proper king acting properly is peace, that return has implications for the kingdom as well as for the king.
The Greek genius declined from Sophocles to Apollonius Rhodius and Callimachus, but Apollonius and Callimachus were fine craftsmen who still give pleasure to educated readers.
2) The main literary sources for these myths are the writings of ancient Greek and Roman philologists such as Hesiod, Homer, Ovid, Pseudo-Apollodorus and Apollonius of Rhodes, who not only speak of the sculptural marvel that is mankind, but of other significant statuary as well.
Next, the book considers an ancient Greek poem written by Apollonius.
The story of Apollonius, king of Tyre; a commentary.