Appalachian Mountain Club

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Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC)

Address:5 Joy St
Boston, MA 02108

Established: 1876. Description:Dedicated to protecting the natural resources of the northeast by conducting research on mountain ecology and backcountry use, developing policies for land management, and guiding environmental legislation. Maintains more than 1,500 miles of trails throughout the Northeast, including nearly 350 miles of the Appalachian Trail in five states. Provides overnight shelters to hikers. Maintains 12 regional chapters. Members: 90,000. Dues: $40/year.
Publications: AMC Outdoors (10x/year); free to members. Appalachia Journal (biannually); $15 for a one-year subscription.

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ADK borrowed from the Appalachian Mountain Club the concept of "ridge runners," volunteers who walk the trails to advise visitors of good wilderness practices and to explain state regulations intended to preserve the wilderness experience.
Earlier in his career, David spent a number of years overseeing the White Mountain Hut System for the Appalachian Mountain Club, and also worked in product development at Freeport's own LL Bean.
The Appalachian Mountain Club grants a natural study guide for the region that includes an encyclopedia of plants and animals of the region.
In 1876 concerned New Englanders, many from the Boston area, founded the Appalachian Mountain Club.
The family suggests honoring his memory with a donation to The Appalachian Mountain Club, 5 Joy Street, Boston, MA 02108 or via their website www.
Also once a month at Wildcat this summer & fall, an Appalachian Mountain Club naturalist will lead an interactive and educational summit tour followed by a guided hike down.
For the first time in 50 years the Appalachian Mountain Club wants to add to its hut system in New Hampshire, but its plans have engendered controversy.
and the Appalachian Mountain Club, through its Youth Opportunities Program, provides training, outdoor gear and lodging at its facilities in the White Mountains and elsewhere, according to Spacciapoli.
The multi-agency memorandum describes an agreement of duties between the ATC, National Park Service and the Appalachian Mountain Club.

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