Apparent Motion

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apparent motion

[ə′pa·rənt ′mō·shən]

Apparent Motion

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

It has become astrological tradition to speak about the zodiac and the heavenly bodies as if they were revolving around the Earth while Earth remains stationary. So that other people do not regard astrology as locked in a pre-Copernican worldview, astrologers sometimes specify that they are talking about the apparent motion of the stars and planets. In this custom, astrologers are following the same tradition as everyone else who refers to the daily appearance and disappearance of the Sun—for example, as the “rising” and “setting” of the Sun—even though most people in industrialized societies know that it is the axial rotation of the Earth that causes this apparent motion.

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The priming paradigm empolyed in the present study can be used to investigate the process of mental transformation in a static image as well as apparent motion in a dynamic image.
B-7 "Making a sun Clock" (using a sundial), and B-8 "Plotting the Apparent Motion of the sun" (using a clear plastic hemisphere).
93%) saw the individual dots as being stationary or as moving in a direction opposite to the eye movement's (this apparent motion appears to be the phi produced by the sequential flashes).
The Sun's daily apparent motion of roughly a degree eastwards along the ecliptic (really a consequence of Earth's orbital motion, of course) carries it to increasing northerly declinations on the celestial sphere during this interval.
During its 4-year mission, Hipparcos measured parallax--the apparent motion of stars caused by Earth's changing vantage point as it orbits the sun.
Moreover, he adds, the results complement studies conducted in the past several years showing that, in cats and monkeys, the perception of apparent motion, color contrasts, and surface colors also occurs in the primary visual cortex.
Consider the "color phi," or apparent motion phenomenon.
As opposed to the apparent motion ofparallax, stars also show a real motion across the sky, which is called proper motion.