Apparent Motion

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apparent motion

[ə′pa·rənt ′mō·shən]
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Apparent Motion

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

It has become astrological tradition to speak about the zodiac and the heavenly bodies as if they were revolving around the Earth while Earth remains stationary. So that other people do not regard astrology as locked in a pre-Copernican worldview, astrologers sometimes specify that they are talking about the apparent motion of the stars and planets. In this custom, astrologers are following the same tradition as everyone else who refers to the daily appearance and disappearance of the Sun—for example, as the “rising” and “setting” of the Sun—even though most people in industrialized societies know that it is the axial rotation of the Earth that causes this apparent motion.

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The notion that strategic processes affect performance is indicated by the overwhelmingly large proportion (89%) of participants who reported adopting a strategy based on either apparent motion or flash cues, or both, on the line IT task.
A research program was initiated to identify the factors that are critical for the accurate perception of apparent motion in animated mimic displays (Bennett, 1993; Bennett & Madigan, 1994; Bennett & Nagy, 1996).
* The most important piece of equipment that astrophotographers need to move into the exciting field of deep-sky imaging is a tracking equatorial mount that allows their cameras and telescopes to follow the sky's apparent motion during long exposures.
Mackenzie and Bingham (1985) reported that apparent motion influenced the association between IT and Wechsler IQ.
One sees, fixed in space, a horizontal array of lights blinking on and off in sequence (from right to left) giving an impression of apparent motion, or phi, with the entire array being displaced to the right, in the direction of the attendant saccade.
During some versions of IT subjects report using post-stimulus apparent motion cues to guide their discriminations (Egan, 1986; Nettelbeck, 1982; see Fig.
The pair's motion through space and nearness to us give it an extraordinarily rapid apparent motion across the backdrop of distant stars.
The Sun's daily apparent motion of roughly a degree eastwards along the ecliptic (really a consequence of Earth's orbital motion, of course) carries it to increasing northerly declinations on the celestial sphere during this interval.
During its 4-year mission, Hipparcos measured parallax--the apparent motion of stars caused by Earth's changing vantage point as it orbits the sun.
RDK form detection involves the processing of apparent motion. Succinctly defined by Petersik (1989), "Apparent motion is the experience of motion that occurs when at least two spatially separated stimuli are alternately presented to an observer over time" (p.