Apparent Power

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apparent power

[ə′pa·rənt ′pau̇·ər]
The product of the root-mean-square voltage and the root-mean-square current delivered in an alternating-current circuit, no account being taken of the phase difference between voltage and current.

Apparent Power


a quantity that is equal to the product of the effective values of the periodic electric current I in a circuit and of the voltage U across the terminals of the circuit: S = UI. For a sinusoidal current (in complex form), = U̇İ, where is the complex effective value of the voltage and İ is the conjugate of the complex effective value of the current. S͂ = P + jQ, where P is the active power and Q is the reactive power; for inductive loads, Q > 0, and for capacitive loads, Q< 0. Apparent power is measured in volt-amperes.

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According to experiment results, the apparent power of the generator was S = 890 VA [4].
By considering the collective rms current expression of the Buchollz's apparent power definition [1, 4, 10], the rms values of the currents placed in (23) can be calculated as; total current's rms value;
The multiplied generates the apparent power using the output of the square root block.
Despite this apparent power, it is not a life she has any control over.
This geometric relationship of apparent power to Active Power is traditionally expressed by the right triangle relationship of: CosA,=P.
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Adding a current probe enables the scope to calculate instantaneous power, true power, apparent power, and phase.
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