Apparent Power

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apparent power

[ə′pa·rənt ′pau̇·ər]
The product of the root-mean-square voltage and the root-mean-square current delivered in an alternating-current circuit, no account being taken of the phase difference between voltage and current.
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Apparent Power


a quantity that is equal to the product of the effective values of the periodic electric current I in a circuit and of the voltage U across the terminals of the circuit: S = UI. For a sinusoidal current (in complex form), = U̇İ, where is the complex effective value of the voltage and İ is the conjugate of the complex effective value of the current. S͂ = P + jQ, where P is the active power and Q is the reactive power; for inductive loads, Q > 0, and for capacitive loads, Q< 0. Apparent power is measured in volt-amperes.

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where [Sv.sup.J] is the sensitivity index of voltage in perchance Capacitor in Bus J, NB is the number of buses, [Ss.sub.j] is the sensitivity index of loss power in perchance DG in bus j, [S.sup.i.sub.L] is the apparent power loss in perchance DG in bus J, and [S.sub.b.sup.L] is the apparent power loss in base case.
The captured data was then analysed in MATLAB[R] to conduct a multi-criteria assessment of lamps based on different perspectives including harmonic current injection, THD, power factor, active power consumption, and stabilisation time, fundamental and non-fundamental apparent power and were then compared to each other to yield a better understanding of their characteristics.
Nevertheless, due to the fact that the classical apparent power and its resolution are defined under sinusoidal and balanced conditions, they did not attain their goals in the case of nonsinusoidal and/or unbalanced conditions.
This apparent power consists of the real power (in watts), plus the "imaginary" power (in VARs, or Volts x Amps "Reactive").
The apparent power is defined as the maximum power that can be delivered to a load, and it is the product of the RMS voltage and the RMS current as shown in (5).
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The software analyzes the raw data and displays real time results, such as true, reactive and apparent power and efficiency calculations.