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Apple's Macintosh computers and the new iMac do not run the Microsoft Windows and DOS programs that operate on PCs, the type of computers that most users own.
If you have access to a computer that can run current operating system software (Microsoft Windows 3.11 or later for IBM-style PCs, Macintosh System 7 for Apple's Macintosh and Performa computers), you're set.
Software available in versions for other platforms - such as Unix workstations or Apple's Macintosh - is so noted under the individual entries.
Apple's Macintosh computers never seized more than a niche in the personal computer market even though their basic design is far more user-friendly than the IBM-compatible DOS design.
Apple's Macintosh Color Classic Configuration: 16 megahertz (MHz) 68030 processor; 4 megabytes (MB) of random access memory (RAM); 80 MB hard disk; built-in monitor.