Apple Newton

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Apple Newton

A Personal Digital Assistant produced by Apple Computer. The Newton provides a clever, user-friendly interface and relies solely on pen-based input. Eagerly anticipated, the Newton uses handwriting recognition software to "learn" the users handwriting and provide reliable character recognition.

Various third-party software applications are available and add-on peripherals like wireless modems for Internet access are being sold by Apple Computer, Inc. and its licensees.

Newton Inc.'s NewtonOS competes with Microsoft Corporation's Windows CE, and was to be compatible with DEC's StrongARM SA-1100, an embedded 200MHz microprocessor, which was due in 1998.

Handwriting recognition example.
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Even Apple's failed products have often been trendsetters in retrospect; the Apple Newton was an early forerunner of PDAs, while the G4 Cube was unquestionably a small-form-factor system.
Historically, stylus-based solutions (such as my 1992 Apple Newton and my 2002 Averatec touchscreen computer) did not perform fast enough to keep up with my handwriting, but my 2014 Microsoft Surface Pro 3 does.
Back in the early 1990s Steve Wozniak was in an airport when he pulled an Apple Newton out of his bag.
The biographer explains Jobs's reason was twofold: "[It was] because it didn't work perfectly, and because he had an aversion to stylus devices." Perhaps there was some lagging regret dating back to the failed Apple Newton, but whatever the source of Jobs's bias, he often reminded the team, "'God gave us ten styluses,' he would say, waving his fingers."
America Online, Netscape Navigator, the Apple Newton and Palm were getting into the hot hands of ordinary folks.
4 Apple Newton - "An early personal digital assistant developed in 1989 and ended in 1998 although I still have mine".
Donna was a senior director at US West Advanced Technologies, worked in artificial intelligence at IntelliCorp, and earned four patents for her work on the Apple Newton personal digital assistant before founding Boulder-based Freshwater Software, which was acquired for $147 million by Mercury Interactive in 2002.
The term "personal digital assistant" was coined in 1992 by John Sculley in reference to the Apple Newton from Apple Computer Inc.
From the Apple Newton era to the latest Pocket PC, handheld computing technology has advanced tremendously.
ARM's early successes were in the Acorn RISC Machine and the Apple Newton, an early hand-held PDA.
This new service, funded by a federal grant, is called the PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) Project and equips each of 16 pilot-test police patrol units with handheld Apple Newton e-Mate PDAs running a standard Internet Web browser.