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(1) Apple's previous e-book app for iOS, which was renamed Apple Books. See e-book.

(2) An earlier family of laptop computers from Apple. Soon after the first iMac, the iBook debuted in 1999 with a 300 MHz G3 processor and a built-in wireless antenna. At the same time, Apple also introduced its Wi-Fi family of products under the Airport brand name.

iBooks and PowerBooks
The iBooks were consumer-based laptops aimed at students and beginners, while the PowerBooks were Apple's higher-end laptops. The iBook G4 was the last iBook model, and both the PowerBook and iBook lines were superseded by Intel-based MacBooks in 2006 and 2007, respectively (see MacBook). See PowerBook, iMac and AirPort.

The Original iBook
Although subsequent iBooks were more streamlined, the first iBook was very popular. It offered a somewhat playful look in the midst of all the look-alike products of that time. (Image courtesy of Apple Inc.)
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In 1999, he closed the deal with Steve Jobs for the introduction of wireless LAN technology in the new Apple iBook, creating the first massmarket laptop with wi-fi connectivity.
For further information you can download Nigel's book, BJSS Enterprise Agile, for free from the Apple iBook store and www.bjss.com/ea.
Owen IV, Princeton University Press: Princeton, NJ, 2014, ISBN: 978-0691163147, e-book ISBN: 978-1400852154, 232 pp., Hardcover $29.95, e-book available on Kindle and Apple IBook.
With the advent of digital artist programs and Apple ibook she has been able to merge all of her creativity into her first, but certainly not her last book.
Against this background Caroline is discovering the world of men, and the narrative moves through her changing relationships." Seaport at Sunrise is now available for the Amazon Kindle and as an Apple iBook.
This book is also published in French, Chinese, Apple iBook and eBook.
<strong>Apple:<br /></strong>In May 2005, recalled batteries used in some Apple iBook G4 and PowerBook G4 laptop computers, citing overheating of batteries as problem.
The sentencing deal also calls for Weiner to forfeit to the government two camcorders; three computers - including an Apple MacBook and an Apple iBook; and hard drives, optical disc media, software, hardware, contraband and documentary evidence seized in connection with the cases.
I received the notice via snail mail, interestingly enough, that my 9th-grade summer school students would each arrive with an Apple iBook in tow.
Looking through the rucksack he finds an Apple iBook, and though he's ashamed of himself, he keeps it.
The Irish singer is devastated as the Apple iBook contained most of the recordings from his forthcoming album Songs From The Gut - that he has been working on for the past seven years.
For example, the author used a Samsung phone on the Sprint wireless network tethered to a Apple iBook G4 to access the Internet while writing this column, rather than the publicly available wireless network available in the airport in which he was situated.