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A very popular Apple application for Mac and Windows that is used to organize media on the computer, iPhones, iPads and iPods. Introduced in 2001 for Mac and two years later for Windows, more people use iTunes on Windows than they do on Macs due to the sheer number of PCs. The iTunes Store is integrated into the app for purchasing media from Apple. iTunes lets users rip CDs, burn CDs and keeps the firmware in Apple mobile devices up-to-date.

Apple copy protects TV shows and movies sold on the iTunes Store, and it previously protected its music. Therefore, certain restrictions apply (for details, see FairPlay).

iTunes Home Sharing
When Home Sharing in iTunes is turned on, users can stream their music and videos to their TV or home theater via their Apple TV media hub. Home Sharing also lets users select which photos in the Photos app can be sent to the Apple TV as a slide show for regular viewing or as a screen saver. See Apple TV.

Playlists can also be shared with other iTunes users on the network, and titles can be streamed from one computer to another. Originally a "share-but-not-save" feature, in 2009, Home Sharing in iTunes 9 finally enabled users to copy files across the network, not just play them. See iPod, iTunes Match, iTunes U, media player and playlist.
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