Apple store

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Apple store

(1) Apple's online app store. See Apple App Store.

(2) A retail outlet for Apple products operated by an independent company.

(3) An Apple-owned retail outlet. With more than 500 stores worldwide, Apple launched the first two in 2001 in Tysons Corner, Virginia and Glendale, California.

Apple Store - Frankfurt, Germany
Apple is one of the few consumer electronics companies to have its own retail outlets. Apple stores have been extremely successful.

Apple on Fifth Avenue
The glass entrance and circular staircase leading down into the Apple store in New York is quite dramatic.
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The three new sessions include an interactive walk featuring works by some of the world's premiere contemporary artists, an in-store session that teaches the basics of creating AR using Swift Playgrounds and an AR art installation viewable in every Apple Store worldwide.
Visitors can come into any Apple Store worldwide and experience artist Nick Cave's AR piece 'Amass.' Using the [AR]T Viewer in the Apple Store app, users can initiate Cave's interactive installation, which takes the viewer on a journey to view and collect 'Ikon Elements' and experience a universe of positive energy right in the middle of an Apple Store.
While the island's first Apple store is located inside the Taipei 101 shopping mall, the new one is an independent structure modeled on the company's shop on Chicago's Michigan Avenue, with tall windows and a roof resembling a MacBook laptop.
In an interview with Senator-elect Christopher Go, he said that Duterte went with his common-law wife Honeylet Avancena and their daughter Veronica to a Uniqlo and an Apple Store in downtown Tokyo.
He also went to an Apple store and checked out the latest gadgets from the US tech company.
A writer for TidBITS was looking to purchase the soon-to-be-discontinued 21.5-inch LG UltraFine 4K display and went to the nearby Apple Store near his location to get one.
Bah was still a high school student when he received a summons from a court in Boston, claiming he'd stolen $1,200 worth of Apple products - in particular Apple Pencils - from the Apple Store in Boston.
The Apple Store in the US is currently offline, sparking rumours that the iPhone maker could be about to launch its new generation of iPads.
An email message from the Apple Store said: "Thank You!
Apple logo is displayed at the Apple store in the Brooklyn borough of New York.
Apple store in the UAE states customers can expect delivery between Oct 2 to 8 for those placing the order today.