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What does it mean when you dream about apples?

To dream of bountiful apple trees traditionally signifies good fortune and the realization of the fruits of endeavor. Alternatively, rotten apples, or apple cores, may mean that what the dreamer is striving for is not fulfilling, and perhaps, even harmful.

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Unless you have space to grow two or more varieties of apples and pears, you will need self-fertile varieties.
You can buy bespoke racks for storing apples and pears which will make it slightly easier but obviously more expensive.
They say in fact, that last year sales of English apples and pears at Booths accounted for an impressive 0.
Despite falling numbers of apples, good supplies are expected of English Gala, Cox and other mid-season varieties from the end of September, English Apples and Pears Ltd said.
Packaged in resealable, grab-and-go bags with colorful graphics, the kid-size apples and pears were selected t flavor profiles that kids enjoy, say company officials.
SEFTON families are celebrating a welcome windfall after volunteers picked apples and pears from streets in Churchtown.
As of 1 October, 15,700 tonnes of English apples and pears had been sold in the multiples, up from 12,060 last year.
GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT STORING APPLES AND PEARS Fruit is ripe when it comes away from the branch if twisted slightly.
THE price of apples and pears could soar by as much as 15 per cent over the next year, Britain's fruit lovers were warned yesterday.
Northwest-grown apples and pears are positioned to pick up shelf space at grocery stores throughout the West as last month's devastating California freeze puts a crimp in the region's citrus supply.
Despite the rather bizarre weather this summer, we've had a great crop of red and black currants, and the apples and pears are looking to follow suit.
Green apples and pears fill your mouth with hints of grapefruit and lemongrass.