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(networking, protocol)
A proprietary local area network protocol developed by Apple Computer, Inc. for communication between Apple products (e.g. Macintosh) and other computers. This protocol is independent of the network layer on which it runs. Current implementations exist for Localtalk, a 235 kilobyte per second local area network and Ethertalk, a 10 megabyte per second local area network.


Apple's original local area network architecture for its Macintosh line. Introduced in 1985, AppleTalk supported Apple's proprietary LocalTalk access method as well as Ethernet and Token Ring. The AppleTalk network manager and the LocalTalk access method were built into all Macintoshes and LaserWriters. Support for AppleTalk was made available for PCs, VAXs and Unix workstations with products from Apple and third parties. A routable protocol patterned after the OSI model, Appletalk eventually gave way to TCP/IP. See AFP and TCP/IP.
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0 can access servers that support either the AppleTalk Remote Access Protocol (ARAP) or the point-to-point protocol (PPP).
Microsoft and StarNine are committed to delivering customers interoperability between Microsoft Exchange Server and the Microsoft Mail for AppleTalk product family.
With the Apple IP Gateway, the MacTCP client can now be used on Macintosh computers connected to an AppleTalk network.
Shipping with full Layer 2 and base Layer 3 switching capabilities, FastIron 4802 can be upgraded to full Layer 3 functionality including IPX, AppleTalk, OSPF and BGP4 protocols providing enterprise customers with a "future-proof" technology while integrating seamlessly into the existing infrastructure.
The LaserWriter 16/600 PS can handle input from Macintosh, Power Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, DOS and UNIX computer systems, with built-in support for AppleTalk, Novell NetWare, EtherTalk and TCP/IP Ethernet networks.
From the operating system perspective, updates have been made to AppleTalk and Samba networking.
Microsoft is among the first DBMS vendors to support AppleTalk directly.
Designed for ease of set-up and use, NetBarrier offers sophisticated security optimized for the Mac OS and capable of handling AppleTalk.
text files -- Supports up to 125 Mac clients over AppleTalk or 1000 using

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