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application framework

(1) The building blocks of an application.

(2) A set of common software routines that provides a foundation structure for developing an application. Frameworks take the tedium out of writing all the program code for an application from scratch. Object-oriented application frameworks, which are the norm today, are structured as a class library.

Each class library has its way of doing things, and although the purpose of a framework is to eliminate a certain amount of programming drudgery, programmers must first learn the structure and peculiarities of the framework in order to use it. Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) is a widely used application framework for writing general-purpose Windows applications. Cocoa and Cocoa Touch are Mac and iOS frameworks, and Struts is a framework for Web-based Java applications.

Specialized Application Frameworks
There are also frameworks geared to specific purposes; for example, a framework for a content management system (CMS) would include the infrastructure for developing e-commerce, document maintenance and interactive user activities such as blogs and wikis (see content management system). See class library, MFC, Cocoa, Struts, AFC, JFC, OWL and enterprise framework.
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Assistance PSA is based on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM xRM application development framework and is intended to extend standard CRM functionality with project management, resource planning, time and expense registration and invoice capabilities and Microsoft SharePoint.
* an open source application development framework (ADF) and hundreds of APIs that help IT shorten development time by as much as 60 percent, enabling organizations to adapt more quickly to change;
Three software gurus introduce readers to the nuts and bolts of building Web applications using Oracle JDeveloper 11g, Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF), and JavaServer Faces.
MOTOMAGX builds on Motorola's Linux/Java platform, where Trolltech's Qtopia Core plays a fundamental role being the software application development framework, the company said.
Oracle Corp's forthcoming Application Development Framework has slipped, and will now not ship until early next year, ComputerWire has learned.
Comment: P4V was written with Trolltech's Qt, a multiplafform C++ application development framework. This allowed one application to be written that runs on both Linux and Mac OS X operating systems.
The Moqui Ecosystem includes the Moqui Framework, a powerful Java-based enterprise application development framework. It also includes Mantle Business Artifacts, which is a set of business artifacts for use in developing applications.
SpringSource itself has been acquisitive, for example purchasing system and application management vendor Hyperic in May, and in November acquiring G2One, which provides training and support for the open source Groovy language and the related Web application development framework Grails.
This book teaches how to write GUI applications using the Python programming language and the Qt application development framework. Part I provides a fast-paced Python tutorial and some PyQt coverage, and the rest of the book covers basic through advanced GUI programming with PyQt.
It offers pre-packaged adapters to link most of the major applications in this space, supports most middleware and provides and application development framework. Its value proposition is supporting the emerging extended enterprises over the internet.

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