software bug

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software bug

A problem that causes a program to produce invalid output or to crash (lock up). The problem is commonly erroneous logic that misdirects the computer to a place in the program where an instruction does not exist, and the computer will halt at that point.

Insufficient Logic Also Produces Bugs
For example, if there are not enough validity checks performed on the input or on the calculations themselves, a buffer overflow or a divide-by-zero may occur (see buffer overflow or divide overflow).

Bad Logic Equals Bad Output But No Crash
If a program is supposed to add an amount, but subtracts it instead, invalid output is produced but the computer keeps running. This is why extensive testing is required. See abend, bug and buggy.
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In addition, the operating parameters are tightly controlled so that each coating is applied in the same manner every time, which provides consistent quality and increased productivity while reducing the risk for application error," Shugg asserts.
I have also paid for their application error. They should call and remind me that I have extra charges, like other banks do.
Giants officials remain 100% confident his work permit will be processed in the very near future, with the club knowing it's an application error rather than anything negative in Ta'ai's past which has caused the hold-up.
Aid administrators feel that such matches will not only help reduce excessive administrative costs and decrease application error rates, but will also enable them to spend more time in assisting individual students; (2) More than 80 percent of aid administrators believe that a "smart" FAFSA will not hinder the proper administration of state or institutional grant programs; (3) Aid administrators are supportive of eliminating non-pertinent items from FAFSA, using a "FAFSA Postcard" for students from low-income families, and adding "consider me for financial aid" on IRS tax forms.
This makes application easy and reduces the potential for application error. Turbo-Seal's rotor stator pump system is easy to use and maintain.
Although the application being tested is not in the error state, code invokes the specific function being tested as if the specific application error actually occurred, hence the term "error simulation."
Every time I try to access Windows Media Player a box informs me "An internal application error has occurred."
Indeed, removing the CD-ROM requires a warm boot, though the Unrecoverable Application Error screen wisely advises you to print-screen the error message.
Editors can make marginal suggestions ("Will our end users understand 'general application error'?
The dreaded UAE (unrecoverable application error) is a thing of the past.
The GroundWork Monitor Professional deployment resulted in improvements across Yodlee's buying criteria, including availability at the application level, with application error alerts reduced from 2,000 messages per day to an average of 50.
Every time I try to access Windows Media Player a box pops up saying 'An internal application error has occurred'.

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