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application service provider

(business, networking)
(ASP) A service (usually a business) that provides remote access to an application program across a network protocol, typically HTTP. A common example is a website that other websites use for accepting payment by credit card as part of their online ordering systems.

As this term is complex-sounding but vague, it is widely used by marketroids who want to avoid being specific and clear at all costs.
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(1) (Application Service Provider) An organization that hosts software applications within its own facilities. Known as "cloud computing" and "software as a service" (SaaS), customers rent the use of the application and access it over the Internet or via a private line connection. Also called a "commercial service provider." The Web browser, acting as a universal client interface, has fueled this "on-demand software" market. See cloud computing, SaaS, Web application and service bureau.

(2) (Active Server Page) A Web server technology from Microsoft that allows for the creation of dynamic, interactive sessions with the user. An ASP is a Web page that contains HTML and embedded programming code written in VBScript or Jscript. It was introduced with Version 3.0 of Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS). When IIS encounters an ASP page requested by the browser, it executes the embedded program. ASPs are Microsoft's alternative to CGI scripts and JavaServer Pages (JSPs), which allow Web pages to interact with databases and other programs. Third-party products add ASP capability to non-Microsoft Web servers. The Active Server Page technology is an ISAPI program and ASP documents use an .ASP extension.

ASP.NET, also known as ASP+, is an enhanced version of ASP for the .NET platform. It supports executable programs compiled from C#, C++ and other languages and is not backward compatible with regular ASP code. ASP.NET pages are always compiled rather than interpreted as are ASP pages. See CGI script, JSP and ISAPI.

(3) (Association of Shareware Professionals, Muskegon, MI, A trade organization for shareware founded in 1987. Author members submit products to ASP, which are approved, virus checked and distributed monthly via CD to member vendors. CDs are periodically made available to the public.

(4) (Analog Signal Processing) Processing signals completely within the analog domain. Contrast with DSP.

(5) (Average Selling Price) The sum of all the prices of a group of products divided by the number of products used in the list.
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While companies are increasingly using more sophisticated techniques to increase efficiency, the use of application service providers (ASPs) to host lease management systems has not yet gained wide acceptance.
Options to application delivery, including application service providers, then become tactical implementation tools as part of an overall IT portfolio management strategy.
The program connects schools with hardware and software vendors and application service providers via grants and discounts.
It is an excellent way to quickly determine the strengths and weaknesses of a company's own security infrastructure, as well as the security infrastructure of critical thirds parties that it uses--for example, Internet service providers (ISPs), application service providers (ASPs) and development partners.
The AMD Opteron 100 Series also powers reliable entry-level servers, such as those used by small businesses and Internet and application service providers.
This is true for corporate users as well as network service providers, including intra-enterprise networks, Application Service Providers (ASPs), Storage Services Providers (SSPs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and many others.
The following technologies are reviewed: virtual learning, wireless networking, collaboration tools, digital video, Application Service Providers (ASPs), handheld devices, videoconferencing, and Extensible Markup Language (XML).
CPA financial advisers can enhance client service by using software programs, online services and application service providers for financial planning, asset allocation, portfolio management, data and research services, and more.
Application Service Providers were supposed to rule the software world, allowing consumers to simply download their applications and pay for it on a subscription basis.
org/assurance/systrust/index.htm)--gained the support of Navision, a maker of accounting systems, which said it will require application service providers distributing its software online to comply with the SysTrust program, which measures the availability, security, integrity and maintainability of systems.

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