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An open application programming interface would therefore threaten neither a social media platform's intellectual property nor the privacy of its individual users.
"In recognition of the needs of life science software developers to access genomic data through either SQL queries or through application programming interfaces (APIs), we are developing two additional software products," said Manuel J.
According to the company the enhanced version of ICMS features an Application Programming Interface (API) layer that enables faster and more flexible integration between ICMS and other third-party applications that must share data with billing and customer care systems.
Several fundamental components of an SMS and HSM for Open Systems exist and have been made possible by the incorporation of the Data Management Application Programming Interface.
This difficulty arises because most toolkits are frameworks that constrain the application programming to follow predefined rules.
Some authoring tools, computer-aided design (CAD); large dollops of simulation and visualization; lots of manufacturing data systems (e.g., computer-aided process planning (CAPP) and configuration management); heavy-duty infrastructure stuff (database management systems (DBMS) and data communications); and plenty of behind-the-scenes infrastructure utilities, such as web-based user interfaces and application programming interfaces (API).
It makes use of Microsoft's VS-API 2.5 anti-virus scanning application programming interface in Exchange 2003, and comes with an optional McAfee SpamKiller add-on.
Mercury's Application Programming Interface's open architecture, based on Extensible Markup Language, allows any third-party software developer to write plug-ins which add client-specific quality assurance and workflow features to Mercury, allowing the product to function as a superior transaction utility for appraisers and their clients.
An application programming interface (API) is presented using the company's established PARIS programming interface.
Customers can enable SAP Remote Function Calls (RFCS) and Business Application Programming Interfaces (APIS) to receive XML requests and produce XML responses, permitting them to interact with internal and external systems in real-time or asynchronously.
But in the case of Application Programming and Development Inc.

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