Application-Specific Integrated Circuit

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application-specific integrated circuit

[‚ap·lə‚kā·shən spi¦sif·ik ‚int·i‚grād·əd ′sər·kət]
An integrated circuit that is designed for a particular application by integrating standard cells from a library, making possible short design times and rapid production cycles. Abbreviated ASIC.
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Application-Specific Integrated Circuit

(ASIC) An integrated circuit designed to perform a particular function by defining the interconnection of a set of basic circuit building blocks drawn from a library provided by the circuit manufacturer.
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has acquired Arizona, US-based acquired Cactus Semiconductor, a provider of low-power, mixed-signal application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) specialising in miniaturised portable and implantable medical devices, the company said.
With the popularity of application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) over the past several decades, sensor designers have a new tool in their design toolkit.
Now, you need high-power ASIC (application-specific integrated circuits) hardware that can run those calculations more efficiently to have any hope of making money.
Cyient Europe Ltd, a step down subsidiary of Cyient Limited, has acquired AnSem NV, a fabless, custom analogue and mixed-signal application-specific integrated circuits design company.
He estimates the company's Application-specific Integrated Circuits revenue in the artificial intelligence/deep learning segment, with customers that include Google, Fujitsu and Intel (INTC), can reach $1B-$2B by 2020, from less than $100M today.
BitFury derives sustainable advantage through its custom- made application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), optimized to achieve the lowest power consumption coupled with the highest processing metrics the parameters that drive mining margins.
"The airbag control module for the supplemental restraint system (SRS) in these vehicles could have been manufactured with application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs).
This first of two volumes cover components and subsystems, exploring such topics as semiconductor photonic integrated circuit transmitters and receivers, few-mode fiber technology for spatial multiplexing, integrated and hybrid photonics for high-performance interconnects, implementing aspects of coherent transmit and receive functions in application-specific integrated circuits, and ultra-high-speed optical time division multiplexing.
Cisco said Lightwire complements its 2010 acquisition of CoreOptics, a designer of coherent digital signal-processors and application-specific integrated circuits for optical networking.
Samsung's growth of 3.7 percent growth was carried as much by mobile phone application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) as by memory.
"What we've shown is that we can boost performance and cut energy use simultaneously if we prune the unnecessary portions of the digital application-specific integrated circuits that are typically used in hearing aids, cameras and other multimedia devices," he said.

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