Applicative Generative Model

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Applicative Generative Model


one of the types of generative models in linguistics. The applicative generative model is constructed on the basis of a two-stage theory of generative grammars, which rests upon the following principle: every generative grammar of a specific language must be derived from a universal generative grammar. Accordingly, two stages are distinguished in the process of generating a text: a universal (genotypic) level and a specific (phenotypic) level for each particular language. An applicative generative model is a universal generative grammar, which is an essential component of generative grammars of specific languages. The applicative generative model generates an abstract language standard (a linguistic genotype), the basic elements of which are abstract affixes, called relators, and an abstract root. Abstract words of varying degrees of derivation are generated by the application of the relators to the root. Abstract phrases of varying degrees of complexity are formed by the combination of abstract words. Abstract phrases are conjoined in systems called phrase transformation fields. The genotypic language represents a hierarchical system of linguistic units (abstract words, abstract phrases, etc.), which are generated from relators and an abstract root by means of a single operation—application (hence the name of the model). The genotypic language is not directly associated with any particular language. In order to relate it to real languages, additional restrictions are imposed on the generative process, which results in the generation of a specific variant of a genotypic language.


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