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in the Turkish sultanates the title of the military leaders, including the commander of the janissaries, and the title of the heads of certain groups of court servants. After the abolition of the janissaries in 1826, “Aga” became the name for junior and middle-level officers of the Turkish army. In modern Turkey, ağa is a form of address to prosperous landowners and sometimes part of a person’s name.


Abbr. for “American Gas Association.”
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The preterm group included 23 adults who were defined as small for gestational age (less than 1,500 g) and 37 defined as appropriate for gestational age (1,500-2,000 g).
Assess whether the baby is appropriate for gestational age or small for gestational age (SGA), because infants who are SGA are much more likely to have a poor neurologic and developmental outcome, chronic lung disease, and gastrointestinal problems like gastroesophageal reflux.

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