April 17, 2016

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April 17, 2016


Kewpiesta (Third weekend in April)

New England Folk Festival (Third weekend in April)

Legal Holidays by Countries

Commemoration of the EvacuationSyria
Fao Liberation DayIraq
Women's DayGabon

Legal Holidays in United States

American Samoa Flag DayAmerican Samoa
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A photo posted by Jwan Yosef (@jwanyosef) on Apr 17, 2016 at 3:21pm PDT
TORONTO, Rajab 10, 1437, Apr 17, 2016, SPA -- Five children tried to take their own lives Friday evening in a Canadian aboriginal community of 2,000 that has declared a state of emergency over repeated suicide attempts, its chief said, Reuters reported.
Cairo, Rajab 10, 1437, Apr 17, 2016, SPA -- The Arab League condemned in the strongest words the terrorist act which took place in Bahrain on Saturday, killing a security man and injuring two.
Al-Bikairiya, Saudi Arabia, Rajab 10, 1437, Apr 17, 2016, SPA -- The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is host of the Middle East's largest poultry project, a report said today.
Riyadh, Rajab 10, 1437, Apr 17, 2016, SPA -- Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) has given licenses for a number of private museums in Riyadh region, after the completion of all the required conditions and requirements.
LONDON, Rajab 10, 1437, Apr 17, 2016, SPA -- Scotland should have the right to hold a new referendum on independence if the country is taken out of the European Union "against our will", Reuters cited the leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) as saying on Sunday.
Tokyo, Rajab 10, 1437, Apr 17, 2016, SPA -- Toyota Motor said Sunday it would suspend the assembly of vehicles in stages in Japan because of parts shortages caused by the two large earthquakes that struck the island of Kyushu, dpa reported.
ROME, Rajab 10, 1437, Apr 17, 2016, SPA -- Italy went to the polls on Sunday in a referendum on offshore oil and gas drilling rights, a vote which Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has said he hopes people will not take part in, Reuters reported.
Quito, Rajab 10, 1437, Apr 17, 2016, SPA -- Ecuador's strongest earthquake since 1979 has killed at least 41 people, caused severe damage and prompted the government to declare a state of emergency, dpa reported.