April 20

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The Joint Investigation Team was formed by the apex court in a verdict delivered on April 20th which concluded its findings in two months and filed a report early July.
57 per barrel last Friday at trading in New York Markets, settling on its lowest price since April 20th.
Site visits are scheduled for Wednesday, April 20th (beginning immediately after conference) and Thursday, April 21st, 2016 beginning at 8:30 AM.
Focal person of the seminar Prof, Dr Jehanzaib Khalil said that the seminar will be start from April 20th in SBBW Peshawar the conclusion ceremony of the seminar will be held at AWKM on April 22.
Beverly Hills, CA - April 19th (Tuesday) to April 20th (Wednesday) From Tuesday, all day until Wednesday, 1 P.
on Monday April 20th for Requiem Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes, Sheepridge at 11.
Every year at 4:20 PM on April 20th, a thick could of smoke can be seen rising above the Porter College meadow at the University of California Santa Cruz.
They have a special exhibition Mammoths of the Ice Age on until April 20th and is extra to get into - but there's hours of fun to be had without spending a penny.
Its spectral fingerprints match those of an evolved O-type star, the duo reported in the April 20th Astrophysical Journal.
The Brooklyn Nets basketball player's team is on track to score a place in the 2013 Playoffs, which run from April 20th to June 20th, and he is said to be willing to miss the games in order to face his estranged wife in court on May 6th, the Daily Mail reported.
Family and friends may attend a calling hour on Friday, April 20th from 8:00 to 8:40 a.
He said that the last round will be held during the Bahrain Formula One race to be held on April 20th.