April 23

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April 23


Fast Day (Fourth Monday in April) Apr 23, 2012; Apr 23, 2018

Feast of Ridvan (April 21-May 2)

Shad Festival (Last full weekend in April) Apr 23, 2011; Apr 23, 2016; Apr 23, 2022

St. George's Day (April 23; November 23)

Legal Holidays by Countries

Black SaturdayPhilippines
Easter SaturdayFiji, Samoa
Holy SaturdayBelize, Chile, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Republic of Georgia, Seychelles, Zambia, Zimbabwe
Maundy Thursday – Holy SaturdayEl Salvador
National Sovereignty and Children's DayTurkey
St. George's DayBrazil
Turkish Independence DayCyprus

Legal Holidays in United States

Confederate Memorial DayAlabama
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18 dated April 23, 2007) that gave this power to the Justice Secretary.
Circular Letter 8-2007 (April 23, 2007) imposed a maximum commission rate of 15 percent for policies with a single composite rate (covering fire and allied perils inclusive of natural perils).
The magazine's owner at the time, Ayhan Durgun, who traditionally had not been involved with decisions on the content of the weekly according to GE[micro]rmE-E-, announced on April 23, 2007 that he had officially discontinued publication of the magazine in a statement given by GE[micro]rmE-E-.
The judge added it was unclear how Mr Hearns ended up under the wheels of the lorry on the night of April 23, 2007 but it was likely he was disorientated and confused after being attacked.
MCHARRON -HENRY April 23, 2007 Forever in my heart, Henry.
Sofie was diagnosed with spina bifida after being born by caesarean weighing just 5lbs on April 23, 2007, in Kusadasi, Turkey.
I was born at Flamingo Land in Yorkshire on July 12, 2006 and came to Dudley on April 23, 2007.
Kartikey was born on April 23, 2007 to a surrogate mother -- Yadav's sister- in- law Anita Yadav -- because Shashi had been told she had a medical condition that would make it impossible for her to bear a child.
The records also state that Romprey still did not have his C-Pap machine when he checked into the Alder Street Residence on April 23, 2007.
The suit states that beginning on April 23, 2007, Marson & Marson sold supplies and materials to defendants Jeffrey Reicker and Christelle Inc.
23, 2007, for a 36-year period; it came into effect on April 23, 2007. These blocks contain the gas/condensate fields Dzharkuduk, Yangi-Kyzylcha, Gumbulak, Amanata, Pachkamar and Adamtash; the oil and gas condensate field Southern Kyzylbayrak, and the oil field Koshkuduk.
Inverarity on April 23, 2007, and which received some second reading debate on May 23, 2007--was referred to it.