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It was meant to fool readers in the name of having fun on April Fools' Day.
A number of social media users advocated ending fake pregnancy announcements on April Fools' Day.
There are numerous stories about how April Fools' Day came to be.
"Considering the headwinds the tech industry is facing today, I'm asking all teams at Microsoft to not do any public-facing April Fools' Day stunts.
| IN Portugal, April Fools' Day is celebrated on the Sunday and Monday before Lent.
In explaining the reason for this "crazy" offer, Peter Nguyen, COO of Audio4fun, began by saying, "April Fools' Day is the funniest holiday of the year.
With that in mind, the best April Fools' sendup we've seen this year is the Toshiba Shibasphere, which pokes gentle fun at the Nintendo Wii and the Microsoft Kinect for Xbox peripheral.
LAST week I told you all about my love of April Fools' Day and let slip that it was also my birthday - yet still no presents.
But today is April Fools' Day and we all should celebrate by doing something odd and possibly irritating to others.
Edited by Zeid Nasser Storm Worms exploit April FoolsThe miscreants behind the Storm Worm botnet have taken advantage of April Fools' day in a bid to infect more Windows PCs.Security firms warned users to avoid the temptation to click on April Fools' day emails that may redirect them to maliciously constructed websites.
IT'S April Fools' Day tomorrow and the car companies as usual j aren't letting an opportunity pass by.