Apsišu, Eekabs

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Apsīšu, Eēkabs


(pseudonym of Ianis Andreevich Iaun-semis). Born Dec. 8,1858, in the volost (small rural district) of Lizuma; died June 10, 1929, in Riga. Latvian writer and teacher.

In his short stories, Apsīšu realistically described the rural wealthy (Rich Relatives, 1886), the injustice and corruption of judges (In the Volost Court, 1885), and the wretched life of the poor (From the People’s Picture Gallery, 1889–91). However, Apsīŝu sought a resolution in Christian humility and a religious-moral upbringing.


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In Russian translation:
Izbrannoe. Riga, 1954.


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