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Analysis of the integration of this seismic data with regional well data identified gas prospects AO1 and AO2 in the Aptian clastic onlap play.
The area where this happened is called Aptian Salt, or Angola Basin.
Crystallographic and chemical variations during pyritization in the upper Barremian and lower Aptian dark claystones from the Lower Saxonian Basin (NW Germany): Sedimentology, 37, pp.
Track of fluid paleocirculation in dolomite host rock at regional scale by the Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility (AMS): an example from Aptian carbonates of La Florida, Northern Spain.
2005): Early Aptian [delta]13C and manganese anomalies from the historical Cassis-La Bedoule stratotype sections (S.
System Stage Formation No Elevation above sea level, m Neogene Pliocene Aghchegil 1 150 Upper Paleocene-Eocene Khangiran 2 1321 Paleogene Paleocene Chelkaman 3 1102 Lower Paleocene Pesteligh 4 1277 Maastrichtian Kalat 5 1249 Maastrichtian Neizar 6 1050 Santonian-Campanian Abtalkh 7 1190 Turonian-Coniacian Abderaz 8 1232 Cretaceous Albian-Cenomanian Aitamir 9 1223 Albian Sanganeh 10 1053 Aptian Sarcheshmeh 11 1019 Neocomian-Aptian Tirgan 12 1149 Neocomian Shurijeh 13 1156 Oxfordian-Kimmeridian Mozduran 14 903 Jurassic Bathonian-Callovian Chamanbid 15 1568 Bajocian Bashkalate 16 1646 Toarcian-Aalenian Kashafrud 17 1402 Table 2 Average contents of clay minerals in the studied formations.
The black shales deposited in the early Aptian around 120 million years ago, and at the Cenomanian-Turonian boundary around 94 million years ago, (2,5,12-14) have a global distribution and an extraordinarily high organic carbon content.
The assemblage of continental mollusks from the Aptian Kootenai Formation at Devils Pocket is wide-ranging 1) in morphological disparity; 2) in size, from extremely small to (almost) as large as snails get; and 4) relative species abundance.
Although the well was dry, the results reconfirmed the presence of Aptian source rock in the oil window, which was also encountered during the drilling of the Wingat-1 well.
Aptian organic rich intra shelf basin creation in the Dezful Embayment--Kazhdumi and Dariyan Formations, South West Iran.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 17, 2012-OGX identifies presence of hydrocarbons in Albian and Aptian sections of Well OGX-63 in Brazil(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.