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The natural inclination or capacity for skillful performance of an as yet unlearned task.



a high level of development of a person’s capabilities, allowing him to achieve particular success in one or another pursuit.

A distinction is made between general and specific aptitudes, or between general and specific aspects of aptitude. Thus, with a general intellectual aptitude, all types of activity requiring intellectual qualities for their successful realization may be mastered. A specific aptitude is linked with the type of activity in whose pursuit it reveals itself most fully; examples are mathematical, technical, musical, artistic, and poetic aptitudes.

The chief indications of exceptional aptitude are early manifestation of abilities and rapid mastery of knowledge: the person possessing such qualities develops an interest in and an inclination for a certain activity, becomes skilled in it, and in its pursuit manifests originality and creativity.

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To ascertain whether the teaching experience of the teacher play a role in the teacher's teaching aptitude.
In summary, technical aptitude was influenced by faculty development program and not by facilities.
The NCAE shall also measure a student's technical-vocational aptitude, which covers manipulative skills and clerical ability.
Students admitted through the aptitude route will be expected to participate in the many extra-curricular opportunities available, and will also be expected to continue their studies in the arts to at least GCSE level.
8 million in bids with sellers who are using aptitude to market a range of about a million different products.
Keywords: Aptitude Test, Entrance Test, Medical and Dental graduate programmes, Pre-medical academic achievements, Underdeveloped districts.
AFTER THE Common Aptitude Test, and just before the equally popular XAT ( XLRI Aptitude Test), it's time for MBA aspirants to get ready for the other big management entrance exam, Symbiosis National Aptitude ( SNAP) Test, which is being held on December 16.
Aptitude test plays a vital role to decide the future education (Chatterjee, 2007) of the students.
Survey after survey has found that most New Zealanders are unhappy in their work, but for many it's probably not the job or the employer who is at fault but a condition called 'restless aptitude syndrome' - otherwise known as mid-life crisis.
Ultimate aptitude tests; assess and develop your potential with numerical, verbal and abstract tests, 2d ed.
Summary: RIYADH: Knowing the aptitude of children, before selecting a particular stream of higher studies for them, is important.
The academic aptitude of the students who participated in the study was assessed when they entered the program, and their academic performance was assessed at the end of the semester in which they were provided with these resources.