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The natural inclination or capacity for skillful performance of an as yet unlearned task.
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a high level of development of a person’s capabilities, allowing him to achieve particular success in one or another pursuit.

A distinction is made between general and specific aptitudes, or between general and specific aspects of aptitude. Thus, with a general intellectual aptitude, all types of activity requiring intellectual qualities for their successful realization may be mastered. A specific aptitude is linked with the type of activity in whose pursuit it reveals itself most fully; examples are mathematical, technical, musical, artistic, and poetic aptitudes.

The chief indications of exceptional aptitude are early manifestation of abilities and rapid mastery of knowledge: the person possessing such qualities develops an interest in and an inclination for a certain activity, becomes skilled in it, and in its pursuit manifests originality and creativity.

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The above tabular values show a significant relationship between facilities (T=2.25) and entrepreneurial aptitude. Hence, availability of school facilities can enhance students' entrepreneurial aptitude.
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Applicants who wish to be considered for a place under the aptitude assessment will be required to complete an "Optional Assessment Test T Application Form" and indicate the Academy as a preference on the Local Authority Preference Form.
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The Escape velocity test has three components - a potential discovery test in a stream of choice and an aptitude test to help the student understand the appropriateness of the career/stream chosen.
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Objective: To compare the awards of various pre-medical academic achievements with aptitude test scores obtained by candidates taking the Entrance Test 2011, and to identify demographic differences in the trend, if any.