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(both: əktö`bĕ), formerly


(əktyo͞o`bĭnsk), city (1993 est. pop. 264,000), NW Kazakhstan, on the Ilek River and the Kazalinsk RR. Aqtöbe has an important ferroalloy plant and chromium complex based on nearby ore deposits; other industries include agricultural machinery, processed foods, alcoholic beverages, and chemicals. Founded in 1869, the city grew rapidly with the expansion of metallurgical industries during World War II.
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The fire occurred in Aqtobe region on January 18 as the bus was en route from Shymkent in southern Kazakhstan to the Russian city of Samara.
The suspects were arrested in December 2016 during a large-scale security operation held several days after a court in Aqtobe sentenced 29 men charged in connection with shooting attacks in June to lengthy prison sentences.
In the beginning, the Kazakh gas has come from Aqtobe in the west of the country, whence a feeder pipeline runs to Kyzl-Orda and then to Shymkent in the south.