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According to the researcher, groundwater from the shallow alluvial aquifers were expected to have young ages since it is mainly recharged by flash floods after heavy rains.
Today, various forms of managed aquifer recharge projects can be seen all over the world.
"The Arbuckle-Simpson aquifer is a sole-source aquifer," said Cole Perryman with the Oklahoma Water Resources Board.
2) How to prevent aquifer overdrafsting and promote safe, sustainable aquifer yields?
"Through this study, we seek to know how much of the rainwater is being recharged through rainfall and infiltrations, how much of it is stored, and so how much of it can be sustainably used," said Prof Olago.According to the study, the Msambweni aquifer has sufficient water to serve the firms large-scale agriculture and other users, including one mining company, the hotel industry and the local community.
By comparing resistivity values with borehole data three confined aquifers have been identified.
The first aquifer is the primary source of drinking water for the people of Thar, which is not being dewatered during the mining operations, he said and added that the depressurizing water ranges salinity from 4000 to 5000 ppm.
In this study, a numerical model for a coupled one-dimensional multilayer aquifer system is developed to present the process of land subsidence due to hydraulic head variation in the pumped layer.
NASA gathered its data using special satellites called Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment satellites, which took precise measurements of the world's groundwater aquifers. Since the bigger, heavier water sources exerted a stronger gravitational pull on the satellite, they could use this data to spot the largest sources of water.
Aquifers have finite storage space, so experts familiar with aquifer storage and recovery are quick to point out - and Larson agrees - that an event like Harvey dumped so much rain it would be impossible to capture and store it all.
A June study in the journal Water Resources Research warned that 21 of the world's 37 largest aquifers aren't being recharged fast enough to meet the demands of agriculture and industry.