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, any plant of the genus Aquilegia, temperate-zone perennials of the family Ranunculaceae (buttercup family), popular both as wildflowers and as garden flowers. Columbines have delicate and attractive foliage and flower petals with long spurs that secrete nectar.
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a genus of perennial herbaceous plants of the family Ranunculaceae. The flowers have five large brightly colored sepals and five funnel-shaped petals extended forward into a spur. The petals are blue, violet, or sometimes red, pink, or white. The fruit is an aggregate follicle. There are about 75 known species in the temperate zone of Europe, Asia, and America. The plants of the genus Aquilegia grow on forest edges, along river valleys, and in mountains. In the USSR there are about 20 species. Some species of Aquilegia have long been grown in gardens and have yielded many valuable forms and interspecific hybrids; long-spur hybrids are especially valued. A widely distributed species is the columbine (A. vulgaris), of which there are varieties with simple and double flowers. The species A. glandulosa is valued as an ornament for its attractive large light-blue flowers with white centers.


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The Canada or wild columbine, Aquilegia canadensis, is fairly common in the boreal forest from southern Manitoba to eastern Saskatchewan.
All Aquilegia taxa in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico are found in rather small, isolated populations in mesic, high-altitude canyons separated by intervening desert.
I love my old fashioned roses with their wonderful scent, and my different coloured aquilegias which grow contentedly every year without any interference from me.
The new disease, downy mildew of aquilegias, is very virulent and with no chemical control it is killing plants.
Cottage garden favourites aquilegia, drumstick primulas and veronica can be tamed and put in pots or window boxes.
Wallington garden is full of colour, and plants of interest include Thalictrum aquilegifolium (Meadow Rue) with pretty, fluffy purple flowers and foliage which looks like aquilegia, hence the name, but with very different blooms.
This collection includes two Foxglove "Primrose Carousel", above, two Aquilegia "Winky Blue", top right, and two Hollyhock "Celebrity", below right, - all are hardy and will flower year after year.
It looks superb filling gaps amongst tall and skinny aquilegia.
No-one should ever need to buy more than one Aquilegia, one ornamental grass, or any of the prolific self-seeders, although the tiny plantlets are easily missed in the frenzy of spring weeding.