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a city dating from Ancient Roman times (c. 10 B.C. to A.D. 409).

Aquincum was the principal city of the Roman province of Lower Pannonia from A.D. 107. Its ruins are situated near Budapest, Hungary, and excavations began there in 1775. Aquincum was composed of a settlement of the local Celtic-Illyrian tribe of Eravisci, a Roman fortified camp, and the public part of the city. In addition to a large amount of material relating to everyday life, the excavations have revealed tradesmen’s sectors, an amphitheater, a defense wall, water pipes, and thermae and sanctuaries, as well as a palace for the vicegerent of Lower Pannonia. This building has remarkable mosaic floors.


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Craig Budapest - get your camera ready for the Roman ruins of the Aquincum Museum, Heroes' Square and Statue Park, and the 300ft dome of St Stephen's Basilica.
Aquincum, named in honor of aqua, had a population of 100,000 wealthy Romans who enjoyed the public baths, two amphitheaters, parks, palaces and whose houses were centrally heated by thermal springs.
VISIT The history of Budapest began with Aquincum, originally a Celtic settlement that became the Roman capital of Pannonia Inferior.
The project provides capacity increase with an additional track (doubling) to be constructed between Aquincum junction and PilisvE[micro]rE[micro]svEir and a new side-track at PilisvE[micro]rE[micro]svEir (approx.
Ciertamente, son escasos los ejemplos arqueologicos de establecimientos comerciales permanentes--tabernae--dedicados a la venta de ceramicas en nucleos urbanos, pero mas limitada aun parece ser la comercializacion de ceramicas comunes locales en ellos; estas tiendas parecen haber experimentado una especial dedicacion a la venta de producciones finas importadas, como se desprende de la descripcion de depositos como los de Colchester (Hull, 1958), Aquincum (Juhasz, 1936), Wroxeter (Atkinson, 1942), Lagentium (Rush et al.
Fazekas has previously assisted in the openings of the Corinthia Grand Royal, the re-branding of Corinthia Aquincum Hotel to Ramada Plaza, Budapest and opening of Ramada Sharjah.
It features pictures of the banks of the Danube, public buildings including the interior of the Houses of Parliament, theatres and famous art galleries, many of the statues and monuments adorning the city, walks in the old city of Buda including the Buda Hills, the ruins of the ancient Roman town, Aquincum as well as other tourist attractions.
The planting site had been in and around a housing estate named Aquincum after the nearby ancient Roman settlement.
Among them the most famous one was Aquincum, today found on the territory of Budapest.
The Itinerarium Romanum starts out from Aquincum, now within the city limits of Budapest, and runs along and near the Danube through southeast Europe to the Black Sea and Greece.
Published by Aquincum Publishing and Freedom House.
By the end of your two weeks, as you relish the irony of having your final Eastern European treatment actually be a Thai massage, you'll look around the Corinthia Aquincum Spa and feel refreshed, rejuvenated and, most likely, really disappointed to be going home.