Arévalo, Juan José

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Arévalo, Juan José


Born Sept. 10, 1904. Guatemalan social and political figure and writer. Doctor of philosophy and pedagogical science.

During Ubico’s dictatorship (1931–44), Arévalo was exiled from the country. In 1945 he returned to Guatemala and was elected president (1945–51). As a bourgeois democrat and reformer, Arévalo put into effect a number of socioeconomic changes, established diplomatic relations with the USSR (1945), and took part in working out the Constitution of 1945, which introduced fundamental bourgeois democratic freedoms.

Arévalo is an ideologist of the petite bourgeoisie. His philosophical views received their fullest reflection in his book The Pedagogics of Personality. Arévalo is also the author of belles-lettres and publicistic works. Since 1954 he has been living in exile in Mexico.


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