Arakelian, Sedrak

Arakelian, Sedrak Arakelovich


Born Dec. 17 (29), 1884, in the village of Dzhauk, now in the Azerbaijan SSR; died Mar. 6,1942, in Yerevan. Soviet painter. Honored Art Worker of the Armenian SSR (1935).

In 1916, Arakelian graduated from the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture, where he had studied under S. V. Ivanov, K. A. Korovin, and A. E. Arkhipov. He painted lyrical and genre landscapes. Arakelian’s works include Old Marketplace in Yerevan (1921), Monastery on the Sevan (1925), At the Spring (1928), Culture to the Mountains (1936), and Zangezur: Old Goris (1940)—all of which are in the Picture Gallery of Armenia in Yerevan. Picking Cotton in Kolkhoz Fields (1930) is housed in the Tret’iakov Gallery.


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