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a city; administrative center of Aral’sk Raion, Kzyl-Orda Oblast, Kazakh SSR. Located near the northeastern edge of the Aral Sea on the shore of the Saryshiganak Gulf.

Aral’sk is a port and maintains steamship service to the lower reaches of the Amu Darya River. Aral’sk has a railroad station (Aral Sea) on the Orenburg-Tashkent line. Its population was 23,000 in 1968. There is a fish combine and a ship-repairing plant. Aral’sk was founded in 1905 at the time of the construction of the Orenburg-Tashkent railroad. Aral’sk was designated a city in 1938.

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The move will see BP take a 51 per cent stake in Veba Oil, which owns Germany's biggest petrol forecourt operator Aral.
Opponents doubt that any of the diverted water would get to the Aral Sea, which has lost three-quarters of its volume since 1960.
Satellite photos, including those taken in August by the Tokyo-based Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan, show Vozrozhdeniye shares similar vegetation outside the Aral Sea, the researchers said.
The Aral Sea region is a case study in how environmental problems can aggravate geopolitical strife.
The water resources, economy and political system of the Aral Sea basin were united during the Soviet era.
A new hydrocarbon field -- West Aral -- with preliminary estimated gas reserves of 11 billion cubic meters, was discovered, along with six prospective structures.
Unfortunately, the irresponsible use of water resources in the agriculture sector of Uzbekistan, the second largest exporter of cotton in the world, as well as the disappearance of the Aral Sea are observed.
At the OGU'98 conference held on May 20-21, 1998 at Tashkent, several blocks were offered in the western region of Ustyurt at the southern end of the Aral Sea.
The quiet Chernobyl," a massive environmental disaster seems to be taking place in the Aral Sea.
He describes the definition and emergence of loyalty; previous research on the topic; types of loyalty programs and their historical development, current use, characteristics, value of data generated, and advantages and disadvantages; coalition programs between Aral and Payback and Shell and Clubsmart and how they compare to stand-alone programs, their success factors, impact, spread, and customer perception; and the design and results of the study and managerial implications.
Research professor Sinan Aral said that the 'herding behaviour' happens systematically on positive signals of quality and ratings adding that people are more skeptical of negative social influence and they are more likely to 'correct' a negative vote and give it a positive vote.
Veysel Aral, CEO of Kcell and Regional Head of Central Asia, has today been appointed President of Business area Eurasia.