Aral Kara Kum

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Aral Kara Kum,

desert, Kazakhstan: see Kara KumKara Kum
, two deserts, one in Kazakhstan and one in Turkmenistan. The Caspian Kara Kum or Garagum, the larger desert (c.115,000 sq mi/297,900 sq km), is W of the Amu Darya River and includes most of Turkmenistan. The Murghab and Tejen rivers flow out of the Hindu Kush Mts.
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The sands of the Aral Karakum are made up of a salt-marsh consisting of finely-dispersed evaporites and remnants of alkaline mineral deposits, washed into the basin from irrigated fields.
The most important of these sandy desert enclaves are 1) the Muyun Kum hillocks and dunes, between the Karatua range (to the south) and the lower reaches of the Chu River (to the north), 2) the Aral Karakum desert, to the northeast of the Aral Sea, 3) the Greater and Lesser Barsuki deserts, northwest and north of the Aral Sea, respectively, and 4) the 50,000 [km.