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a genus of plants of the family Araliaceae. They are small trees, thorny bushes, or tall perennial grasses. The flowers occur in umbels, often in complex paniculate inflorescences, and, less frequently, singly or in racemes. There are 35 species in the tropics and subtropics of the northern hemisphere. In the USSR there are five species in the Far East. Many varieties of Aralia are cultivated in greenhouses as decorative plants; in the southern USSR, they grow outdoors.

Several species of other genera in the same family are also known as aralia. The rice-paper tree (Tetrapanax papyriferum) is a small tree native to the island of Taiwan. In China, paper is made from the pulp of its trunk. In the USSR, the rice-paper tree may be cultivated on the Black Sea shore of the Caucasus. Japanese aralia (Fatsia japonica) is a small tree native to Japan. In the USSR it is widely cultivated as an indoor and hothouse plant; in the Black Sea shore region of the Crimea and the Caucasus it grows outdoors.


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The roots of Aralia continentalis (Araliaceae) have been widely used in oriental countries for analgesia, headache, rheumatism, lumbago, and lameness (Kim and Kang 1998).
STEP 2 Cut stems of aralia and galax leaves and put into floral foam.
Aralia spinosa, the Devil's Walking Stick, is another rather strange example, with its tall, spiky, bare stems in winter and its huge 1.
The yield of aralia root is estimated at 11,600 tons, possible annual harvest volume is 400 tons while the actual procurement volume is 10 times less.
From your description I'm guessing you have the Schleffera elegantissima or false aralia, with fine thin leaves.
David Yezzi's Sad Is Eros, a chapbook of poems, will be published by Aralia Press in June.
Spatial pattern and clone structure of the perennial herb, Aralia nudicaulis L.
TROPITONE: For debut is the Masterworks Cast Collection of "sand-cast" aluminum furniture comprising seven distinct designs: Maison, Lorenzo, Aralia, Eileen, Provence and Sonoma.
Antioxidant and antiglycation properties of triterpenoid saponins from Aralia taibaiensis traditionally used for treating diabetes mellitus pp.
I, anhinga, hind, orea, mola, marine cone, cony, paca, alpaca, panda, kaka, llama, cat, nutria, zorilla + alga, aralia, cane, coca, cola, floral allamanda, linden, corks, rim oak.
Others, for example the aralia, caused some conflict between myself and my wife.