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A primitive conifer of the genus Araucaria with broad leathery leaves, large cones, and edible seeds that is indigenous to South America and Australia.



a genus of coniferous trees of the family Araucariaceae. Araucaria trees are tall (up to 50–60 and even 90 m) and have flat needles. The cones are of two types—that is, rounded (female) with a diameter of up to 20 cm and elongated (male), up to 15–20 cm long. There are about 18 species in Australia and on the islands of New Guinea, New Caledonia, and Norfolk and two species in America. The seeds are for the most part edible. The wood of the araucaria is used as building material and for various articles. Some species (A. brasiliana, A. araucana, and others) are grown for decoration on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus and the Southern Crimean Shore and also are grown as houseplants and in greenhouses (A. excelsa, A. bidwilli, and others).


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Rocha s rabeca was made with araucaria, imbuia and pau-brasil, a type of Brazilian timber that he took from an old bed.
We placed 26 traditional wooden nest boxes on trees at a height of 5-6 m in Parque Provincial de la Araucaria in 2006 to learn whether Planalto Woodcreepers selected nest boxes based on their dimensions (depth and entrance diameter).
There are some reports on in vitro culture of Araucaria [17,20,6,10].
The HPS case-fatality rate for this area was compared with the HPS case-fatality rate for the southern region, which is characterized by Atlantic rain forest and Araucaria subtropical forest environments.
The Araucaria have very brittle branches, and so careful handling was essential.
It grows in streams at elevations of 800 to 1500 m, in Araucaria araucana-Nothofagus dombeyi mixed forest.
The company will break ground in July on a $300 million, 480-megawatt power plant at Araucaria in the southern Brazilian state of Parana with partners Companhia Paranaense de Energia (Copel), British Gas of the United Kingdom and Gas Petro, a unit of Petrobr[acute{a}]s.
In 1993, Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati, OH, entered the market through its purchase of the "Ela" private label line from Brazilian manufacturer Pro-Higiene, which had a 12% share of the market, and "Livre e Atual" from Higiebras Produtos Higienicos do Brazil Ltda, Araucaria, Brazil.
Group 2 consisted of the three genera of [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE III OMITTED] the Majonicaceae, Araucaria, Cephalotaxus, Pinus, and Podocarpus, with an outgroup made up of Ernestiodendron and Moyliostrobus.
The sole exception is Araucaria bidwillii, a native of Australia, which is more typical of the common conifer because it does not shed its lower branches as it grows.
BOSTON -- Foley Hoag today announced it has won a Second Circuit appeal for client UEG Araucaria Ltda (UEGA), a gas turbine power plant operator in Brazil, preserving the clients' claims against Bechtel for construction defects.