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river, Turkey and Azerbaijan: see ArasAras
, Armenian, Rus., Araks, Azeri Araz, river, c.600 mi (970 km) long, rising in the Transcaucasus Mts., NE Turkey. It flows generally east, forming parts of the Turkey-Armenia, Armenia-Iran, and Azerbaijan-Iran borders, before entering Azerbaijan where it joins
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crush[ing] Armenian graves and crosses....' An Armenian film crew in northern Iran, where the cemetery was visible from, had videotaped dozens of men in uniforms in the Azerbaijani border hacking the khachkars down with sledgehammers, using a crane to remove some of the largest monuments from the ground, breaking the stones into small pieces, and dumping them into the River Araxes by a large truck.
These treaties presribed that Azerbaijani lands south of the Araxes River would remain in the possession of the royal house of Qajar, whereas Azerbaijani khanates northwards, including the territories of today's Republic of Armenia, would become part of the Romanov empire.
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(18.) Karl Heinrich Ulrichs, Araxes (1870) (quoted in Mark Blasius and Shane Phelan, eds., We Are Everywhere: A Historical Sourcebook of Gay and Lesbian Politics 63, 64 (Routledge, 1997)).
"After two days, we decided to cross the Araxes (the river that marks the border between Azerbaijan and Iran).
The national identity of the region known as Nagorno-Karabakh in the Caucasus is disputed between the Azeri and Armenian historians as being populated by either Caucasian Albanians or indigenous Armenians who lived there between the rivers Kura and Araxes. (The medieval Caucasian Albania should not be mistaken for the modern Balkan Albania.) Accordingly, they name this province historically either Aran (Caucasian possession of the Persian Empire) or Artsakh (the tenth province of the ancient Kingdom of Armenia).
By that I found the Phasis quite displaced, and don't know where to find the Araxes; the contour of Thaumasia along Phasis is lost and also modified elsewhere in a manner which cannot {Page 5} be real and I find elsewhere in plain contradiction with the drawings made by all the observers with telescopes of the ordinary sort.
Unconfirmed reports, quite possibly deliberate disinformation by Tehran, even claimed Iranian troops had crossed over the Araxes river border.