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(räb), Ital. Arbe, island, 40 sq mi (104 sq km) off Croatia, in the Adriatic Sea. One of the Dalmatian islands, it is a popular seaside resort. Fishing and agriculture are the main occupations. The island was under Venetian rule from the 10th cent. until 1797, and it retains its ancient walls, the ruins of the palace of the Venetian governors, a 12th-century cathedral, and the medieval palace of the former archbishops.
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A rod or stick used by masons in mixing hair with mortar.


On drawings, abbr. for rabbet.
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RAID Advisory Board

A Massachusetts-based organization founded in 1992 that was involved with education, standardization and classification of RAID storage systems. See RAID.
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Perez de Arbe informa a Jaume que debe esperar cartas de Pedro y Juan Manuel explicando la situacion, pero aun cree que Juan Manuel saldra bien parado del riepto ("lo sacaran bien del riepto," 466), si es que su respuesta a las acusaciones es adecuada, ya que Pedro aun esta de su lado.
"The complete characterization of this phenomenon can be of utmost interest for the development and design of new tailor-made materials, since the mechanical or dielectric properties of plastics are directly determined by the molecular dynamics in the glassy state," concluded Arbe. "Moreover, polymer blending is a cheap and easy method to obtain new polymeric materials, since it is based on already existing polymers.
Dear Editor, - In response to Stanley Arbe (Post, Dec 1) I do recall the 3-2 win over Doncaster in September 1970, which marked the debut of Harry Gregory (from Charlton Athletic), witnessed by 23,000, which wasn't bad for Division Three.
(6.) Zosa Szajkowski, Dos loshn fun di yidn in di arbe kehiles fun Komta-Venesen (The Language of the Jews in the Four Communities of Comtat Venaissin), New York, published by the author and the Yiddish Scientific Institute--YIVO, 1948, p.
State Attorney Edna Arbe is to recommend indicting Sharon in a long-running corruption case after deciding there are sufficient grounds to charge the premier.
The responses from a firm sample by the Institute for Labour Market and Occupational Research of the Federal Labour Office (Institut fur Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung der Bundesanstalt fur Arbe it, IAB) indicates that the deadweight costs associated with wage subsidies may be substantial.
Refrain: Entrez bonn's d'enfants et soldats / Tachez moyen d'fair' ployer m'bras / On f'raut plutot ployer un arbe. / C'est mol qu'je suis la femme a barbe / C'est moi qu'je suis la femme a barbe.