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, in Greek mythology, an attendant of Artemis. Because she forsook her chastity and bore a son, Arcas, to Zeus, she was transformed into a bear by Artemis. According to another legend she was changed into a bear by the jealous Hera.
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Makati Development Corporation headquarters in ARCA South
"Arca Capital envisions AmTrust as a strong public enterprise that can generate returns for shareholders and provide policyholders with policies they can count on in the case of unfortunate events," Krupa said.
He added: "I understand that Mr Arca wishes to improve his home, however this cannot be to the detriment to us [sic].
Speaking after the decision, Mr Arca, 37, said: "I'm disappointed with the application that didn't go in my favour, but hopefully we will look forward to going on and try and turn it around."
Arca Capital believes AmTrust is a fundamentally strong company with a long term price target of USD 25 to USD 31 per share.
At the time, there were fears that Arca could have been stung by a Portuguese man o' war, whose venom can be fatal, or a Lion's Mane, another potentially lethal type of jellyfish.
In addition, 13 first-time ETF issuers came on board NYSE Arca last year, bringing the total number of issuers on the platform to about 80.
Arca, who played top-flight football for both Middlesbrough and Sunderland but never reached a Wembley final with either club, has dedicated this trophy to the supporters.
"We are pleased to welcome JP as our Senior Vice President and COO," said Tony Isaac, CEO of ARCA, Inc.