Arce, Manuel Joseá

Arce, Manuel José

(mämwĕl` hōsā` är`sā), d. 1847, Central American statesman, first president of the Central American FederationCentral American Federation
or Central American Union,
political confederation (1825–38) of the republics of Central America—Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Salvador.
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, 1825–29. Prominent in the revolution against Spain (1821) and in his opposition to the incorporation of Central American in Mexico, he was elected president by the Liberals. He subsequently deserted his party and ruled arbitrarily with the support of the Conservatives. He was overthrown by Francisco MorazánMorazán, Francisco
, 1799–1842, Central American statesman, b. Tegucigalpa, Honduras. He led the revolutionary army that overthrew (1829) the regime of Manuel José Arce and was proclaimed president of the Central American Federation in 1830.
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