Arch Dam

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arch dam

[′ärch ‚dam]
(civil engineering)
A dam having a curved face on the downstream side, the curve being roughly a portion of a cylinder whose axis is vertical.

Arch Dam


a curved dam whose strength comes from its construction as an arch, with the horizontal pressure of the water transmitted almost entirely to the shore or abutments.

Arch dams are generally made from concrete when there is a strong (rocky) base and rocky shores. The dam may be fixed (that is, without spillways) or effluent. Depending on the ratio of the surface thickness of the dam b to its height h, the dams are subdivided into arch dams proper (B/H0.35) and gravityarch dams (b/h = 0.36–0.6). The thickness of an arch dam depends on the form of the cross section of the valley in the range of the dam (the most desirable form is near-triangular, the least desirable is rectangular) and on the ratio of the width of the valley (B) at the level of the dam’s crest to the height of the dam (B/h). This ratio is generally 0.5–3.5 (in certain cases it reaches 8 and higher).

Modern trends in the construction of arch dams include a decrease in the thickness of the dam and an increase in stress in the concrete, lightening of the load on the dam by the installation of a joint around the perimeter of the valley, and the use of spillway openings. Arch dams, owing to their structural advantages, reliability, and economy, have been widely used in mountain rivers with rocky channels; they have been built as high as 270 m (the Inguri Hydroelectric Power Plant in the Georgian SSR).


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Situated 70 km (43 mi) southwest of Artvin, the Yusufeli will be a double-curvature arch dam with a height of 270 m (886 ft) from its foundation and 223 m (732 ft) from the river~s thalweg (lowest point of river bed).
The arch dam design was chosen for the narrow, rocky gorge where it is located.
The Xiluodu double-curvature arch dam is being built by China Three Gorges Corporation (CTGPC).
The overall elevation of the dam crest will be 600m, with the concrete double-curvature arch dam being 285.
The dam on the Enguri river, north of the town of Jvari in the mountains of north western Georgia, is the second tallest arch dam in the world.
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran has inaugurated a major construction project to put up the globe s tallest double-curved concrete arch dam in Iran s western Lorestan Province.
That was later replaced with a thirty-nine-foot gravity arch dam in 1927, which Ketchikan Power Utility purchased in 1957.
The Dagangshan Dam is an under construction arch dam on the Dadu River near the village of Dagangshan in Sichuan Province, China.
It is the longest arch dam in Europe and was famously used in the James Bond film, Goldeneye.
The first RCC arch dam was constructed in the world is Kenllpoort dam, which was completed in S.
But if you'd like to venture out of the city you can visit the snow clad Sierra de Guaddarama mountains via the El Atazar arch dam which sits on the Lozoya river.
Among specific topics are the dynamics of a single elastic body under large rigid rotation, predicting nonlinear contact force of piston skirt and cylinder liner under the function of clap force, the reliability analysis of an arch dam considering temperature change field, a comparison and analysis of permafrost railway subgrade settlement deformation monitoring, and the real-time monitoring of stress in marine derricks based on environmental loads.