Arch Bridge

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arch bridge

[′ärch ‚brij]
(civil engineering)
A bridge having arches as the main supports.
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Arch Bridge


a bridge with span structures, the basic components of which are arches or vaults. Characteristic traits of an arch bridge are the transfer to the supports not only of the vertical but also the horizontal stresses (thrust), as well as the strain, primarily of compression, on the arches or vaults. Stone arch bridges have been known since the most ancient times. Modern arch bridges are built, for the most part, of reinforced concrete or of steel. An example is the railroad arch bridge across the Oka River at the city of Gorky. It was built of precast reinforced concrete and has main spans of 150 m each. In special instances thrustless arch bridges have been erected using special elements (tie beams) which take the thrust. Arch bridges are usually built with a roadway on top. They are marked by lightness of structural components and architectural expressiveness.


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The bridge was destroyed in engineering research prompted by national concern about the effects of the increasing weight of traffic on old arch bridges.
In this paper, PLSM which has a lot of geometry information is applied into form finding of arch bridges. The optimization model of minimizing the structural compliance under the volume constraint is proposed.
Moreover, existing codes on arch bridges do not provide any explicit relationships to quantify numerically the dynamic amplification factors involved in stress or displacement variables of the bridge components.
Construction, engineering, and other researchers from China address the monitoring of concrete cracks using a structural technique; a new technique for the construction of tunnels through limestone caves; analysis of the collision couple between drift ice and a long-span prestressed concrete T-rigid frame bridge pier; prediction analysis of structural elements' failure and proof modes; vehicle load spectrum simulation of long-span bridges; rapid damage diagnosis of medium and short-span bridges; construction technology for installing comb expansion joints; concrete-filled steel tubular arch bridges; the bearing capacity of a deck-type concrete arch bridge; and impact factor statistics analysis of a concrete-filled steel tube arch bridge.
Stone arch bridges continued to be built for many centuries.
It uses techniques used by the Romans int heir stone arch bridges but greatly simplifies construction.
Speed Fab-Crete handled the worst economic downturn since the 1930s by leveraging competencies in architectural and conventionally reinforced structural precast to gain stakes in three non-building segments: mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls, sound walls and arch bridges.
The World's Longest Concrete Arch Bridges Sean Opened Bridge Location (meters) Year Bloukrans South Africa 272 1983 Gladesville Australia 305 1964 Jiangjiehe China 330 1995 Krk-1 (east span) Croatia 390 1980 Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman United States 323 2010 Ponte da Amizade Brazil/Paraguay 290 1964 Ponte Infante Dom Henrique Portugal 280 1964 Wanxian China 425 1997 Yongning China 312 1996 SOURCE: WWW.TKK.FI/UNITS/BRIDGE/LONGSPAN.HTML Graph It
Arch bridges spanning large distances are difficult to build because an arch can't support itself until it's complete.
With the exception of a some brief essays discussing the role of bridges in American transportation, types of bridge design, and the need for bridge preservation programs, the vast bulk of the material consists of 919 captioned illustrations (primarily black and white photographs) depicting beam bridges, arch bridges, truss bridges, movable bridges, and suspension and cable- stayed bridges around the country.