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, diverse group of bacteria (prokaryotes), sometimes called the archaea and considered a major group unto themselves. Archaebacteria are contrasted with the Eubacteria, from which they differ biochemically in the arrangement of the bases in their ribosomal RNA and
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On Earth, this type of archaean is found at very hot temperatures near deep-sea hydrothermal vents, and converts carbon dioxide and hydrogen gas into methane.
If bacterial and archaean organisms are as genetically divergent from each other as from eukaryotes (Ciccarelli et al., 2006), then domain Archaea (with kingdom Archaebacteria) and domain Bacteria (with kingdom Eubacteria) are appropriate-domain Eucarya includes eukaryotic kingdoms (animals, plants, fungi, protists).
Although the team hasn't yet grown Rice Cluster I archaeans without other soil microbes, the new experiments indicate that Rice Cluster I species play an important role in methane production, the researchers say in the Aug.