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Designating elements, largely unconscious, in the psyche which are remnants of humankind's prehistoric past and which reappear in dreams and other symbolic manifestations.


Antiquated or old fashioned, but when used in connection with Greek architecture refers to a specific period, c. 600-500 B.C.



an early stage in the historical development of any kind of phenomenon.

The term “archaic” is used primarily in art scholarship to designate the early period of ancient Greek fine art (seventh-sixth centuries B.C.). It refers to the time of the formation of monumental pictorial and architectural forms. During the archaic period the Doric and Ionic architectural orders came into being. The principal types of monumental sculpture were statues of naked athletic youths (kouros) and draped maidens (kore). In vase painting, the black-figured style reached its high point in the middle and the third quarter of the sixth century B.C., and the red-figured style around 530 B.C. Greek archaic art managed to attain certain humanistic traits and still preserve the integrity characteristic of a very old culture.


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Laws on licence to kill and capture of wild elephants in certain circumstances, segregation and medical treatment of lepers, regulating the grant of titles to qualified persons in western medical science and prohibition of pledging of labour of chil- The Modi government is determined to relegate several archaic Acts to history.
For readers negotiating this complex network of literary and linguistic influences, Archaic Style in English Literature is a welcome and illuminating guide.
But Munro asserts that Milton prevents it from becoming merely a bombastic joke by associating the simple repetitions of archaic heroism with Satan and his minions.
Authentic archaic spellings with <ae> may be used in modern contexts, but there is also evidence for pseudo-archaic usage, namely in words that never contained this letter.
We estimate that the archaic DNA fragments that survive in modern African genomes come from a form or forms that diverged from the common ancestor of anatomically modern humans 700 thousand to 1 million years ago," said Hammer.
The "longhouse model" has provided the framework for interpreting elongated, or linear, distributions of cultural material from the late Maritime Archaic in northern Labrador.
First, while an Archaic context is probable, the age of the former structure is unknown, because none of the radiocarbon dated samples come from it.
With ruler-limned horizontal and vertical pencil lines, Brouwn charts his personal calibrations, in tandem with the standard metric system and archaic gauges such as the Hispanic vara and the Western European ell (an outdated means of quantifying pieces of cloth, itself based on human hand width).
The third and last part is that within the corporate structure, because of your article, we believe those "powers that be" will see themselves for what they are, what they have done and not done in keeping a '50s, archaic thought process of African Americans, especially black males in executive positions.
Notably absent is any separate transliteration of the text into modern vernacular prose; the reader is left to his or her own devices to either read the text as-is or seek a translation of the archaic English.
2) In the past it has been assumed that capital C is of Early Archaic date because of its overall proportions and the profile of its echinus.
He states that Welsh is a redundant and archaic language.