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"At least three other archaic human groups appear to have occupied the area, and the ancestors of modern humans mixed with them before the archaic humans became extinct."
On the basis of these principles, she identifies eleven archaic phenomena represented in the corpus of "archaic poetry" (chapter 13).
Also have been dumped some archaic rules regulating recruitment of foreigners during pre- Independence period, agreement with Pakistan on exchange of prisoners, continuation of use of courts in Bengal, Assam and Punjab for those who migrated to Pakistan and power to regulate prices of newspapers.
Use of these archaic terms indicates to me a lack of knowledge or research by a writer.
Encountering an archaic form might provoke distancing emotions of surprise, derision or awe in readers or spectators, but it might equally incite more intimate feelings of comfort, grief or longing" (28).
Archaic words and styles undermine linear temporality, reconfiguring relationships between past, present and future; 3.
Cunningham says the primary feature of archaic astronomical writing, is that the text employs just a handful of lines.
In practice, however, the book's organization is somewhat recursive, less invested in arguing for this temporal and stylistic trajectory than in exploring multiple uses of the archaic. As is probably appropriate for its subject matter, it often returns to explore the same authors or texts in new literary or historical contexts.
Some archaic forms may have had a wider distribution before being confined to dialectal usage.
Pattern recognition is central to the discussions of social space for Maritime Archaic and Palaeoeskimo camps and of contact between these groups.
Still, scientists disagree about whether modern humans interbred with Neandertals and other archaic Stone Age populations (SN: 3/24/07, p.
Road safety charity Brake has welcomed changes to 'archaic' rules restricting where speed cameras can be put.