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Designating elements, largely unconscious, in the psyche which are remnants of humankind's prehistoric past and which reappear in dreams and other symbolic manifestations.


Antiquated or old fashioned, but when used in connection with Greek architecture refers to a specific period, c. 600-500 B.C.



an early stage in the historical development of any kind of phenomenon.

The term “archaic” is used primarily in art scholarship to designate the early period of ancient Greek fine art (seventh-sixth centuries B.C.). It refers to the time of the formation of monumental pictorial and architectural forms. During the archaic period the Doric and Ionic architectural orders came into being. The principal types of monumental sculpture were statues of naked athletic youths (kouros) and draped maidens (kore). In vase painting, the black-figured style reached its high point in the middle and the third quarter of the sixth century B.C., and the red-figured style around 530 B.C. Greek archaic art managed to attain certain humanistic traits and still preserve the integrity characteristic of a very old culture.


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Archaic words and styles undermine linear temporality, reconfiguring relationships between past, present and future; 3.
Chapter 3 ('Rome from a small Bronze Age village to the great city of the Archaic Age') and Chapter 4 ('Definition and dating of the Ager Romanus Antiquus') deal with debate on the size of proto-urban Rome and the related debate on the size of its territory respectively.
Cunningham says the primary feature of archaic astronomical writing, is that the text employs just a handful of lines.
Moreover, the name of the thread itself reveals the general nonacademic idea about archaic English: it is equated with Olde, though, with the exception of "Seija-Ihana", none of the users in the thread posts commentaries resembling Old English; once more the aforementioned one past language based on Late Middle or Early Modern English is imitated.
Additionally, researchers discovered evidence that a distinct group of extinct archaic humans who lived in Southern Siberia, called 'Denisovans,' contributed genetic material to the genomes of present-day Melanesians.
Florida, recall, was the bitter battleground for the 2000 presidential election, where it was claimed that malfunctioning and archaic punch card systems threw the election.
Excavations conducted in advance of sand and gravel mining operations resulted in the documentation of a variety of cultural features and the collection of numerous hafted bifaces and cores dating to the Late Archaic period (ca.
Although the Woodland component is the most dominant, numerous Transitional Paleoindian, Early Archaic and Middle Archaic bifaces have be recovered from the site (Holstein n.
Its account of how people with disabilities have organized to change stereotypes, challenge blatant discrimination and transform archaic attitudes offers unique insights into the much neglected issue of disability.
They can develop better and better stocks, but in the end, it's dealing with an archaic process that has been around for 100 years.
The burial is significant specifically because there is a lack of archaic period skeletal remains on the southern plains of west Texas.
Realizing the Archaic Future: A Radical Elemental Feminist Manifesto.