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, diverse group of bacteria (prokaryotes), sometimes called the archaea and considered a major group unto themselves. Archaebacteria are contrasted with the Eubacteria, from which they differ biochemically in the arrangement of the bases in their ribosomal RNA and
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Although archea primase is similar to the eukaryotic primase, it is a heterodimer which lacks the two subunits of DNA polymerase (Rowen & Kornberg, 1978).
The failure or low production of methane from biogas plants is reported due to intolerant capacity of mesophilic bacteria and archea under psychrophilic environments (Kashyap et al.
There are sections on seafloor sediments, oceanic crust, terrestrial hard rock environments, Archea in deep marine subsurfaces, and petroleum.
Their results also revealed that archaeosomes prepared with total polar lipid from the archea could be successfully used as vaccine delivery system [27].
The first superfamily clusters peroxidases from plant, archea bacteria, and fungi and is classified into three classes.
These complex communities contain members from all three domains of life, namely, bacteria, archea, and eukarya.
An archea sequence was also retrieved from GenBank that was used as an outgroup in the construction of phylogenetic tree.
Some buildings you've covered, like SHoP's Barclays Center and Archea's Cantina Antinori winery, are eye-catching, yet you looked at them largely through a social lens, Do you think a building can be architecturally gutsy--or even shocking--and still serve the social or public good?
Table 1 below lists the relative abundance of multicellular life (not including all bacteria and Archea) on earth in each of the various categories of species among life on earth.