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, archeology
the study of man's past by scientific analysis of the material remains of his cultures
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The systematic recovery by scientific methods of material evidence remaining from human life and culture in past ages, through evidence found in the ground, and the detailed study of this evidence. Archeology evidence case study.
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(science and technology)
The scientific study of the material remains of the cultures of historical or prehistorical peoples.
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The Archeology and Literary Heritage Endowment Fund was established with a seed money of Rs.
In the application, it was mentioned that in the Archeology Act under sections 18 and 24 no person shall except for carrying out the purposes of this act, destroy, break, damage, alter, injure, deface, mutilate or scribble, write or engage any inscription or sign on any antiquity or take manure from any protected antiquity or important antiquity.
They will also be discussing new technical scanning equipment that is being used in the archeology arena.
The be ginners guide to archeology can be found at
"If we weren't doing archeology here, they may have broken up the wall as they came across it.
The NAB KP team had raided the Directorate of Archeology and Museums the same month, remained there for hours during the raid and questioned a number of officials at the two offices.
The Punjab Archeology Department took keen interest and restored its historic identity by displaying Kashi Kari work again and using special tiles matching to ones which had been used in the mosque hundreds years ago.
"Tools of the Trade: Methods, Techniques, and Innovative Approaches in Archaeology" is a shop-approach to modern archeology, outlining the new ways and methods that modern science uses to dig deeper about the past of the world and humanity.
Topics addressed include how archaeologists dress and how they are portrayed in the media; varied representations of archeology in the media; the media and the communication of archaeological investigation; Lennart Larsen's images as photojournalism, pop archaeology, and works of art; presentation of archaeology in the German press; media work as part of the public mission of archaeology; representations of mass graves from the Spanish Civil War; the ancient world in video game representation; and digital media, agile design, and the politics of archaeological authorship.
This work is intended by editors Alcock (director, Institute for Archeology and the Ancient World, Brown U., US) and Osborn (ancient history, U.
The scientific discipline archeology (the study of antiquity through ancient writings and artifacts) is taught in every university in this country and abroad.
In a text derived from Part I of the Handbook of Gender in Archeology (2006) which she edited, Nelson (archeology, U.