Archil Samsonovich Sulakauri

Sulakauri, Archil Samsonovich


Born Dec. 28, 1927, in Tbilisi. Soviet Georgian writer. Member of the CPSU since 1971.

First published in 1945, Sulakauri graduated from the department of languages and literature of the University of Tbilisi in 1951. He has written poetry, including the collection Holiday on My Street (1956) and the narrative poem Lasha, and has achieved success with his short stories and novellas, such as Waves Strive for the Shore (1960), Pigeons, High Water (1963), and Return of Avel’ (1964). In the novel The Golden Fish (1966; Russian translation, 1970), Sulakauri exposes the ugly vestiges of the past. His collection of children’s tales, The Adventures of Salamura (1968), was awarded the Sh. Rustaveli Prize in 1971. The inner world of today’s young people forms the main theme of Sulakauri’s work. His books have been translated into the various national languages of the USSR, and some have been adapted for the screen and stage.


In Russian translation:
Maiskiidozhd’: Stikhi. Tbilisi, 1957.
Rasskazy. Tbilisi, 1967.
Volny stremiatsia k beregu: Rasskazy, povest’, roman, skazka. Tbilisi, 1973.


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